The Youth Drama Program at the National Theatre has been a hub for young talent for many years. Offering something for everyone aged 5-17, the program is designed and delivered by industry professionals with a passion for making a difference in young people’s lives. Working in a warm, friendly and safe environment, fun, confidence, motivation and an increased sense of self-worth are the aims of our all teaching.

Experienced actors and directors who are qualified to guide and inspire young people facilitate the exploration and development of voice, movement, improvisation and

character development skills as well as film and

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TV camera technique, Musical Theatre and the basic text analysis abilities essential for the development of the young performer.


Play Acting

Ages 5& 6 and 7 &8
1 hour class ($200 per term)
Thursday 4:30pm (7&8)
Saturday 10am(5&6)
Saturday 9am (7&8)

Let your imagination explode in these playful workshops. You will create adventurous characters and

exciting scenes in different forms of entertaining theatre. Bring your energy and enthusiasm into the imaginative worlds you create and let the fun begin!


Ages 9-11
1.5 hour class ($260 per term)
Thursday 4:30pm
Saturday 9:00am, 10am & 10:30am

Let the magic of the theatre take you over in these high-energy workshops. Discover how to get your voice and body working like a pro while you explore new and scripted theatrical scenes. Bring your imagination to life when you create your own theatrical masterpieces!


Ages 12-14
2 hour class ($330 per term)
Saturday 11am

Let your dramatic side take over as you devise inspiring new theatre pieces and exciting characters in your very own dramatic creations. Extend your voice, movement and characterisation skills in dynamic and fast paced workshops that are sure to take you to the next level!

Acting Studio

Ages 14-17
2 hour class ($330 per term)
Saturday 9am

Step up your performance skills with this bold workshop. Explore a variety of genre’s to express your ideas in a self devised piece that will blow your friends and family away when they see you shine in the limelight at the end of term.

Musical Theatre

Ages 12+
2 hour class ($330 per term)
Saturday 2pm

Always wanted to tread the boards on Broadway!? Learn how to sing, dance and act up a storm on the musical stage from Australian musical theatre experts. Discover the extraordinary journey of the musical from West Side Story to Wicked! So get out your grease paint and get ready for the wonderful world of Musical Theatre!


The Reel Thing: Acting for Camera

Ages 9-11
1.5 hour class ($260 per term)
Saturday 11am

Always watched the Hollywood stars and wondered what it would be like to see yourself on the big screen? Well it’s time for your close up! Find out what goes on behind the camera in this thrilling workshop. You will learn how to take the words from the page and bring them to life on the screen So get your autographs ready cause Hollywood here we come!

The Reel Thing: Acting for Camera

Ages 12-14 and 14-17
2 hour class ($330 per term)
Saturday 9am (12-14)
Saturday 11am (14-17)
Saturday 12pm (12+)

So you want to be a movie star huh? Well let our expert directors and professional actors show you how it’s done in the film industry. You will develop your skills in screen testing and auditioning, screen acting technique using scripts from film and television and how to go about devising your own short film! So get ready for your close up cause “cameras rolling”!


The National Theatre Drama School runs two School Holidays Programs each year, one in January and another mid-year, usually July.
Kids from 12 years-old can attend three fun-filled days where the activities include Impro, Film and TV & Stage.
For the younger ones, those aged 7-11 years old, we have 4 exciting mornings where you can explore your imaginations and create different characters and the wonderful worlds that they inhabit!
The next available holiday program will be the Winter Holiday Program, July 2017. go to the ENROL NOW page to enrol or
contact the school to register your interest, or l +61 (03) 95936366